To Rekey or To Replace Locks—Which One is Better? 

People prefer rekeying to lock replacements because it entails less hassle and can at times prove to be economical than lock replacement. The decision to whether rekey or replace the lock, however, depends on a multitude of factors and to judge which one is better is tricky as it varies case to case. Always remember when you face a lock and key situation where you need to decide whether you need rekeying or lock replacement, it’s better you seek the advice of a professional locksmith. Such situations are usually confronted in case of a broken lock, and it relates to your home’s security. Hence, no compromise can be encouraged. You should always turn to a professional advice instead of taking matters into your own hands. For the nearest locksmith in Rockville, MD who is widely reputed and acclaimed in their line of work contact with Rockville Lock And Locksmith.

How to decide whether you need to rekey or replace your lock?

Before we gauge the need for rekeying and replacing, let’s first understand what each process involves.

  • Rekeying: Rekeying involves producing keys for the same lock without changing it. This means if your keys are lost or you suspect them to be stolen, rekeying can be an easy way to restore your security without entirely replacing your lock.
  • Lock Replacement: A lock needs to be replaced when it is broken beyond repair. You may also need to replace a lock if it has been tampered with or you need a security upgrade where your old lock does not serve any purpose anymore. Unlike rekeying, you get a new lock in addition to a new set of keys.

When should you rekey a lock?

When your key is broken, lost, or stolen and it’s a single access key, you should definitely get your lock rekeyed. If you’re confident that your lock is not damaged or tampered with, rekeying is an easier process than lock replacement. Pin tumblers are the most common types of locks that are rekeyed. They are easy to rekey as the process involves reordering or replacing the pins so that the key works. The pins need to be pushed to the correct heights for the lock to work. All these are easily taken care by a skilled locksmith who will get the job done fast and in the right manner. As mentioned earlier, when you find that the key is the issue and not the lock itself, a preferred solution is rekeying than lock replacement. To know more, you can connect to the nearest locksmith in Rockville, MD for professional guidance.

When should you replace a lock?

A lock needs replacement under different circumstances. Your lock can malfunction anytime and it means it either needs repair or replacement depending on the condition of the lock. If the lock has been serving for a long time then chances are high that you need to replace it completely. Sometimes your lock can malfunction leaving you in a lock out situation. The issue might be with the lock itself rather than the keys. Here you don’t have a choice but to replace the lock if it’s broken for real. Another lock replacement situation arises when there has been an attempted breach in security. If a burglar tried to break in, your lock might have been tampered with pretty bad. This makes your security compromised and your lock is now no longer serving its purpose. An inspection by a trained locksmith will reveal how you can bolster your security. If a lock fix can help the situation then it’s fine. However, in most cases where the lock has been tampered with, a locksmith would suggest that you get it replaced for better security. You’ll be offered with a security upgrade for securing your home and prevent future attacks by perpetrators who try to break into your property.

What are the costs of rekeying and replacing a lock?

You can consult your nearest locksmith in Rockville, MD regarding charges of rekeying or lock replacement procedures. There are some common charges however, it can vary greatly depending on the situation. In general rekeying is cheaper than lock replacement. However the total charges that needs to be borne whether you need a rekeying or lock replacement includes hourly wage, travel fees, extra fees for surge hours, emergency fees (in case of an emergency), and similar charges. Service charges will vary depending on the kind of lock the locksmith has to deal with. If you are rekeying, the key charges will vary according to the kind of lock you use. For example, a rim or mortise lock will cost you less than a high end lock like a safe lock or a car lock. You’ll have to pay for duplicate keys as well. Rekeying takes more time than a lock replacement, and depending on the lock type, the labor costs can make it expensive if it needs a lot of time.

For lock replacement, along with several service charges like travel fees, hourly wages, etc., the lock type will determine your total costs. A door knob replacement is certainly cheaper than a deadbolt or a mortise lock replacement. Sometimes you may not need to replace a complete lock but only repair and replace some parts of it.

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